• Traditional Handwork Classes - Making kites with Bamboo - [Activities/Prices]



    You will learn how to bend & tie bamboo sticks to make a strong yet lightweight frame, how to affix the paper to your bamboo cross, and then how to attach a string for flying. We provide most traditional patterns for you to copy on your kite’s cover, while you are also welcome to give your own free expression.



    A. Trial class(3 options)

    (1) traditional Sichuan Zigong style kite


    (2) traditional Beijing style kite


    (3) cluster kite


    B. Traditional small swallow style kite ( start from the semi-finished compents )


    C. Traditional large swallow style kite(start from the very beginning)


    Minimun 3 persons to reserve a customized time; Or join a scheduled class - http://www.blogbus.com/ru-wa-english-logs/86504386.html

    Please reserve in advance. Call: 021-6218 5859, 13918649945 Or E-mail: xjzmhome@yahoo.cn










    We will also organize kite flying activities. Members who attend our kite making classes can join kite flying activity free of charge, through which you will surely learn the flying skills.


    Price explanations:

    -  You are allowed to split the class into several times to finish your kite.

    -  Our prices include all materials for making One kite.

    -  And our prices also include a cup of traditional Chinese tea every time you come for the class.

    -  While our prices do not include the reel when you fly your kite. You may bring your own reel, or you can buy one reel from us. We provide you with a good price only for members.



    Ru-Wa Studio   http://ru-wa.blogbus.com

    1F, No.81, 1025 Nanjing Road (West), Shanghai

    Opening time: Tuesday to Sunday, 12:00 – 21:00, closed on Monday

    To reserve, pls call: 021-6218 5859 Or E-mail: xjzmhome@yahoo.cn






    To view out clients' works, please go  http://www.blogbus.com/ru-wa-english-logs/66037036.html