• Experience Handwork - Make Your Hand Paintings on the Rattle-Drum - [Activities/Prices]



    Hanwork, in many cases is not that difficult as you imagine.



    Ru-Wa Studio  http://ru-wa.blogbus.com                          

    1F, No.81, Jing’an Villa, 1025 Nanjing Road (West), Shanghai

    Opening time: Tuesday to Sunday, 11:30 am – 21:00 pm, closed on Monday

    Phone021-6218 5859, 13918649945

    To view our clients' works, pls go   http://www.blogbus.com/ru-wa-english-logs/65772303.html


    Let’s experience the handwork, by starting from painting a rattle-drum by yourself!


    You don’t need to have any experience of painting. Just show your free expression! You can draw whatever you want, and always you will find your works are very unique!









    Price RMB 60/person

    ( Our price includes one blank handmade rattle-drum, enough paint, and a cup of traditional Chinese tea. Time is not limited.)


    Do accept reservations for a customized time even if you are only 1 person. Call: 021-6218 5859, 13918649945 Or E-mail: xjzmhome@yahoo.cn to book the seat.