• Design Your Own Cloth-Tiger, During this Tiger Year! - [Activities/Prices]


    The year of 2010 is the year of tiger! This year it is really the right time to send a cloth-tiger to your friends, your kids, or yourself, as a nice gift!


    Shall we buy a cloth-tiger which could easily bear resemblance with the others? Or shall we make a very unique cloth-tiger by making our own hand paintings on it? The later one is obvisouly more fun!


    For this reason Ru-Wa Studio provides cute but blank cloth-tigers for you to doodle. You don’t need to have any experience of painting, as we will be your friendly guide. We have most traditional tiger patterns to inspire you, while you are also welcome to give your own free expression out of the box!




    Price: RMB 80/person

    (Our price includes one blank cloth-tiger, enough paint, and traditional Chinese tea. Time is not limited. )

    Do accept reservations for a customized time even if you are only 1 person. Call: 021-6218 5859, 13918649945 Or E-mail: xjzmhome@yahoo.cn to book the seat.



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