• Let’s Play Traditional Childhood Games & Enjoy Chinese Afternoon Tea time! - [Activities/Prices]




    Everyone is reminiscent of the wind hillsides running times, and today wants to recall childhood games.


    For this reason, Ru-Wa Studio offers “Traditional Games & Afternoon tea time”. We will recall your memory of how to play old childhood games, e.g. hoop rolling, diabolo, and spinning top. You will get chance to play freely in the very old Shanghainese lane.

    In the meantime, we provide you traditional Chinese tea in our nice yard, where you will get fully relaxed after you play hard.


    Price: RMB 30/person

    (The price includes our coaching on playing hoop rolling, diabolo, and spinning top, traditional Chinese tea. Time is not limited.) 


    Ru-Wa Studio


    1F, No.81, Jing’an Villa, 1025 Nanjing Road (West), Shanghai

    Opening time: Tue to Sun, 12:00 – 21:00, closed on Monday

    Phone: 021-6218 5859, 13918649945

    E-mail: xjzmhome@yahoo.cn



    Ru-Wa Studio is located in Jina’an Villa., which was built in 1932 on 1025 Nanjing Road (the other gate of the lane is on 625 Weihai Road). The 78-years-old Jing’an Villa comprises 183 complexes housing nearly 3,000 residents. It is so called after the former name of Nanjing Road W. — Jing'an Temple Road — which was built as a road for the armies in 1862 and the location later became a horse-breeding area for British residents. In 1926, a tycoon from Nanxun, Zhang Jingjiang, invested in the area and built the city’s largest newtype neighborhood called Jing’an Villa, modeled on European-style villas. Many high-profile residents, including movie director Zheng Zhengqiu, educator Cai Yuanpei, banker and politician Kong Xiangxi, and politician and calligrapher Yu Youren, lived in the neighborhood in the 1930s. Jing’an Villa has maintained its original luster and tradition over the years and the local residents’ lifestyle gives a nostalgic and human touch to modern Shanghai.