• Traditional Craft - Make an Traditional Rabbit Lantern By Yourelf! - [Activities/Prices]



    Rabbit lanterns, are the most sweet memories in many people’s childhood.


    “The rabbit lantern is so lovable, which could always easily conquered our hearts. ”


    “Rabbit lantern is the lantern which we have played in our childhood- I had one many years ago, and I played with this lantern a lot. It’s such a nice memory! But now it is so hard to find the traditional rabbit lanterns. I really want to have one again!”


    Now Ru-Wa Studio start to offer traditional rabbit lantern making class. You don't need to have any experience, as we will guide you step by step. Finaly you can either put a candle in, to make a become a traditiona toy that kids can pull to play with. Or  if you want, we can also coach you how to change it to be a very unique lampshade for your home decoration.



    Price: RMB 200 / person

    (Our price includes all materials for making one traditional rabbit lantern, and traditional Chinese tea.)



    Minimun 3 persons to reserve a customized time; Or join a scheduled class - http://www.blogbus.com/ru-wa-english-logs/86504386.html

    Please reserve in advance. Call: 021-6218 5859, 13918649945 Or E-mail: xjzmhome@yahoo.cn